Beavertown Frequencies: Do Nothing + Human Resources + Adult DVD (SOLD OUT)


Tue, 07 May 2024, 7pm

Free Entry

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Free Entry


Do Nothing

Human Resources

Adult DVD

Event Details

Presented by Beavertown Brewery

19:00 - 00:00

Age 18+


Beavertown Frequencies

Beavertown Brewery continue their OMEARA residency, bringing the hottest, loudest and fiercest new groups from around the UK to the beating heart of London Bridge. The best free entry Tuesday you could wish for!
With esteemed alumni such as Talk Show, Keg, English Teacher, DITZ, Opus Kink, Buzzard Buzzard Buzzard and Highschool to name a few – you can be sure to see the best in up-and-coming rock and indie, without even having to fork over a penny.
The fifth edition of the year sees Do Nothing take the top slot – Nottingham based four piece known for their acerbic lyricism, and Roxy-esque art rock meets Ze/Celluloidrecords no wave sound, and arresting live presence. Following quickly behind is London five-piece Human Resources who’ve been making their stamp over the last couple years, raising the roof at almost every venue in the city. First on, bringing more northern energy to the room is Leeds’ Adult DVD treating the capital to their irresistable dance-rock, one to arrive early for!


Nottingham based four piece Do Nothing is made up of vocalist Chris Bailey, guitarist Kasper Sandstrom, bassist Charles Howarth and Andrew Harrison on drums. Their sound is equal parts Roxy-esque art rock and Ze/Celluloid records no wave. Do Nothing songs are characterized by the acerbic lyricism of vocalist Chris Bailey where every song feels like its ownself-contained psycho drama. Listening to their latest single“Gangs”at times is like walking into a very busy and very loud pub and over hearing snatches of confused and bitter conversations “wait a minute this isn’t my house” says one person“who can eat at a time like this?” says another.



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